2019 is coming to an end

There have been a number of highlights this year, including:

    • Hitting the 400 block unit mark with our revolutionary VU Block Model. We are particularly proud of this in the Connected Learning team at VU. In 2020, we’re looking forward to starting on designing block units for our post grad courses too!
    • Investing more time into performing unit health checks alongside the ongoing work of developing block units. We welcomed a new team, the RAP team (Review, Accessibility and Professional development), to Connected Learning and this team is now working on reviewing block units, asking “what are we doing well and what can we do better?”. This helps us to offer the best possible block units to our students.
    • VU and the Connected Learning team have won numerous awards relating to the VU Way in different disciplines. Read more about our awards here! We are particularly proud of our student led VU Mobile App team that won the Australian Good Design award for outstanding design and innovation, in the Digital Design category.

(The Connected Learning team at the Learnx awards. Photo: Ghaith Zakaria)

    • At the VU Learning & Teaching symposium over 200 professional and academic staff members came together to absorb and share knowledge at our City Flinders campus. What a success!

With so many things to celebrate we are more than optimistic for what 2020 will bring for us.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the ConnectEd team!