The VU Way

Victoria University has launched The VU Way – a bold plan to apply the revolutionary Block Model across all higher education and VU Polytechnic courses by 2022.

The VU Way has already been successfully adopted by all first-year undergraduates at Victoria University with overwhelmingly positive results relating to learner engagement, student retention and student success. Now, for the first time in Australia, the Block Mode will be extended across all remaining courses and levels, including sub-degree (TAFE) and postgraduate courses.

Focus on student success

Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Dawkins said The VU Way is a new way of doing university:

“It is a future blueprint for universities that offer a combination of vocational and higher education learning. The Block Mode is a truly student-centric, student-success–led model.

“It offers a unique and empowering learning experience to ensure our students are given every chance to succeed on their own terms, during and after study. In this way, the Block Mode fulfils our vision of creating opportunity and success for any student from any background.”

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