How to improve your MCQs

6 takeaways from a session with Brett Vaughan from Melbourne Uni on how to improve your MCQs:

  1. BLUEPRINT – map your learning outcomes, to your content, to your MCQs
  2. Focus one ONE concept per question with significant meaning and consequence
  3. Don’t use not, double negatives or all/none of the above
  4. The cover test. Can you answer the question if the answers are covered?
  5. Use consistent, plausible distractors which are the same length and format
  6. Do a post-test analysis. Actually do it.

There is so much more we could add, it’s probably best if you check out his presentation: Improve your MCQ presentation.

Also check out Brief Rules for MCQ questions.

Listen or watch the session recording here (the recording starts a few minutes in to the session):