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The purpose and benefit of using lesson plans

Lesson plans are standard issue in primary and secondary education but to date, have been less commonly used at the tertiary level. In Block Mode at VU, lesson plans are used extensively to assist learning design, prepare for and facilitate active and engaged learning. Listen to VU academics discuss how and why they use lesson plans to enhance their teaching.

Watch this video with Teaching Focussed Academic and STEM education specialist Samantha Bothe from the College of Arts & Education (6 min).

Listen to this mini-podcast with Teaching Focussed Academic and Dermal Sciences Clinician Mariana Vukic from the College of Health & Biomedicine (10 min).

Do you want to start using a lesson plan as part of your teaching?

Please read the VU Block Model lesson plans tips and tricks and download the VU Block Model lesson plan template to get started.

We wrote a post a while back about Active Learning for Lesson plans if you are looking for more lesson plan inspiration.

Good luck!

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