VU finalists for Academic Development Award

Victoria University has been recognised as a finalist in the Australasian Advancing Academic Good Practice Awards for 2019 for Students as Partners in Academic Development. Winners will be announced mid November.

Let Connected Learning students as staff tell you about how they contribute to academic development in the video below, or at their presentation at HERSDA 2019.

All 2019 Finalists:

  1. Trish McCluskey, Victoria University: Student Partners in Academic Development
  2. Dr Chie Adachi and team, Deakin University: Transforming Digital Learning – A MOOC for Digital Learning Professionals
  3. Associate Professor Andrea Carr and Dr Jo-Anne Kelder, The University of Tasmania: Everyday Scholarship Engaging Every Teacher
  4. Janet Frizzarin, The University of Queensland: UQ2U – Blended and Active Learning Program
  5. Dr Catherine Moore, Edith Cowan University: An Assessment Approach to Academic Development
  6. Colleen Ortega, The University of Adelaide: Program Enhancement Partnership
  7. Dr Anna Rowe, The University of New South Wales: Academic Mentoring at UNSW
  8. Professor Kerry Shephard and Dr Vijay Mallan, University of Otago: The New Academic Staff Conference
  9. Adrian Stagg, University of Southern Queensland: Learning Communities that Support Open Education Practice
  10. Associate Professor Kathryn Sutherland and team, Victoria University of Wellington: Ako in Action: Co-constructing Learning and Teaching with Students and Staff.